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From polishing material to see the development of

One, the so-called polishing materials, namely polishing material that people are most familiar with another title, which is also the polishing paste, polishing sand, abrasive, polishing and abrasive tools, in the industry division can be classified in hardware. Shenzhen Yungu Semiconductor Materials Co Ltd

Two, the selection of grinding and polishing material production equipment is the most important of the crushing equipment selection. Crushing and grinding and polishing materials have a broken and two stage crushing. One section of the jaw crusher is the most basic, after counterattack crusher crushing into the sand making machine last of sand, sand machine process has a direct impact on the size of the finished polishing material and grain type. Machinery production of abrasive polishing materials model using diamond combined impact block (expected to throw the first) instead of the whole shape hammer and square combination type impact piece of the original.

Industrial production three, polishing materials in the manufacture of glass, refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, flux for metallurgy, ceramics, grinding and polishing materials, casting and other aspects in the construction and use of a strong acid medium erosion resistance ability of producing acid and acid resistance of concrete, mortar and other fields have a broad application. The quality of these applications on polishing material have certain requirements, so the selection of grinding and polishing material production equipment will directly affect the quality of the products and processing system of investment. Selection is mainly based on the characteristics of sand material to decide. Polishing material crushing equipment host is crushing equipment. Mature Shenzhen Yungu semiconductor material limited company products and perfect after sale service, has become more than a world-renowned polishing materials factory close partners. If your company is processing such products. Whether also encountered similar problems? Then we would be happy to work with you to work together, grasp the change, the real experience of winning technology bring us joy. You are the competitors, or innovator? Competitors focus on challenges day in and day out, worry about the future. Innovators are now seen as a stepping stone, in order to move toward a more ambitious, more beautiful future