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Application of grinding material in the die

Application of grinding material in the die

Mold is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment. In electronics, automobile, motor, electrical, instrumentation, home appliances and products such as communication, 60% - 80% of the parts have to rely on forming mold. Mold production level, and its use in the process of abrasive products quality is inseparable. Now the mobile phone, computer and other electronic products become more and more compact, more fine, the mold development plays a big role.

Some of the latest dynamic today we explore the content is in the mold polishing. We put the mold polishing called grinding tools, because this industry have become accustomed to this.

Grinding tools with other grinding is different: completely depends on manual grinding machine, so the technical level of operators play a key role in. The grain size selection, determination of grinding wheel dressing, manual feed amount of control and so on, are determined by experience.

Tool wear is generally divided into three categories, the rough grinding, fine grinding and clearance angle.

Coarse grinding wheel is usually used 46# grains, mainly is the workpiece cut grinding to the required size, to achieve the required flatness and smoothness.

Grinding is usually used 100# or 120# wheel grinding plane, in addition, sometimes grinding groove certain. Retention is also has higher requirements on the shape of grinding wheels.

Qing angle is 320# special grinding wheel to the very thin thickness, such as 0.02mm, then cut out of the groove, and then finishing, need to groove bottom diameter to R0.03mm

For coarse grinding and fine grinding, grinding process has been the basic standard. But there are still new grinding material appeared different types of grinding wheel needs to effectively. For example, the standard mold material for SKD11 and SKD61, along with the cost reduction requirement, domestic material has been used in. The most commonly used is Cr12MoV and W6Mo5Cr4V2Al, these domestic materials when grinding wheel wear will find routine will increase, it is because of the cutting performance and hardness changed, then need abrasives and grinding wheel hardness corresponding adjustment to play good grinding effect. If you have this need, you can contact to the professional technical personnel Norton wheel to communicate, we will provide users with different content of building the right product to improve grinding efficiency and prolong the service life of grinding wheel.

Because the tool grinding wheel in addition to our common 38A white corundum series, and 32A single crystal corundum series and SG ceramic corundum series, according to the different materials, we will choose different abrasive grinding wheel. A grinding wheel to grind all materials are often not good effect.

Dry grinding and wet grinding

Generally occurs in the process of grinding heat will burn the workpiece, so it needs to use the cooling liquid to remove heat, this is the so-called wet grinding. But the tool wear is a very special application, because the part shape is complicated, the processing precision is high, most of the process to set up by artificial, so there is no way by using the method of wet grinding. Theoretically speaking, die steel hardness is very high, single crystal corundum and SG wheel is the best choice. But dry grinding applications require abrasive has good self sharpening to avoid excessive heat generation, white corundum is the best choice, which is why the grinding tools ten years like a day to be white corundum standard abrasive reason.

Slotted clearance angle

The grooving electronic mold, brand NORTON launched the latest high performance cleaning corner dedicated AA grinding wheel, the product has excellent shape retention and grinding stability, not only can grind groove is very fine, and can produce better bottom right. This process is difficult to repair the thickness of 0.2mm wheel because the stress anomaly and rupture, which is mainly caused by the nonuniform internal organization of grinding wheel. Norton AA grinding wheel is from the point of the process of R & D, made a major breakthrough in the manufacturing process, so now AA grinding wheel has overcome this weakness, can be very stable to 0.2mm thickness, and corner cleaning performance is very satisfactory.

At the same time in order to save the dressing time, we recommend the use of multiple point diamond pen when trimming, can fix from 6mm to 0.5mm thickness in 30 minutes, and then replaced with single diamond pen repair to the 0.2mm. The dressing time can generally be controlled within 1.5 hours.

Grinding system

Grinding can be thought of as a system engineering, including the input of machine tool, workpiece material type, four aspects of operating parameters and the selection of the grinding wheel, grinding process, grinding results (output is the production efficiency and economic cost of workpiece surface quality,). But the grinding results failed to achieve the desired results, to verify the four factors from the input, rather than looking at the wheel. Sometimes not because wheel problem, but because of changes in workpiece material or heat treatment resulted in the emergence of the fluctuation of grinding, light is to check the wheel angle often waste a lot of time.

The better and more expensive and no grinding wheel for grinding wheel, grinding wheel cheaper is not good with this view, should be the better and more suitable for grinding wheel, what is the suitable, is according to your machine and processed materials design of grinding wheel with model, can cut freely, reach the surface quality requirements.